When a contract or a project is initiated in Iraq and Kurdistan, there are obviously certain risks involved. Not only accessing these risks is important, but creating ways to overcome these risks while incorporating them in contract is equally important.

A project will always include numerous contracts. The drafting of the project contract includes the most of lawyer’s contribution. After we done with the contractual phase, our lawyers will deal with the post-contractual phase as well. The post contractual phase will include party’s hidden obligations which he needs to analyze and perform.

Any law would include the interpretation part as it is the only way to understand it. The very first part of interpreting any contract is its recitals. The introductory part of a contract is usually referred to as ‘recitals’. Further, in a contract, there are certain things which are explicitly provided while certain are implied. Certain terms of contract are clear while certain are tacit and it requires legal expertise to understand the tacit terms and work as per those. Thus, the interpretation of contract is as important as making the contract itself and this is our pure specialty. 

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