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As a result of the “e-revolution” of the past two decades, the media and communications industry has experienced a seismic shift, which in turn has had a significant impact on the way different types of media communicate with their target audiences. Today’s media communications institute must respond to greatly increased competition for market share and to the growing number of platforms for delivering their message. Our attorneys serve this dynamic industry by obtaining the registration license and counseling clients on new media as well as traditional media issues, so they can communicate effectively while minimizing their legal risk.

Our attorneys provide significant pre-publication review for media outlets and advertising and marketing professionals. We help clients connect with their intended audiences and work to facilitate and protect their communications functions in various media—print, broadcast, direct marketing and the Internet. We also offer training seminars for news media and advertising professionals regarding legal rules and practical hazards in the business, and ways to avoid those hazards and of course representing them in front of government officials.

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